A Bit About Me

If you’re looking for a Christ-centered, cat crazy, tasty eats, continuing sweet love story, daily look into trying to live with gratitude and joy, you’ll feel right at home here.

I’ve been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 long years. My first exacerbation started when I was 20 and, just a couple of days before I spent my 21st birthday in the hospital getting my first IV steroid infusions, I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS). My progression has been slow and I have fought hard for 26 years with constant use of various disease modifying drugs, but I’ve finally tottered from the edge of RRMS into the haziness of Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS).

I stay sane and grounded by recognizing my life is to be lived to the praise of His glory no matter what disease or disability this earthly tent accrues. MS can do a lot of things, but it can’t take away the joy and peace God has lavished on me through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It also can’t change the fact that I am absolutely bonkers about my sweet hubby and our two adorable cornish rex cats, Laudy and Pip.

If you’ve made it this far then I like you already 💖. I read/listen to books and enjoy sharing my favorites with others, am currently learning German to keep my mind sharp, love sharing recipes for baked goodies, and figuring out how to travel with handicap accessible style to places both far and near. I took disability retirement four years ago but remain a speech language pathologist at heart.

So, come along with me on this journey! Subscribe and share, the more the merrier!!


12 thoughts on “A Bit About Me

  1. Amy, Your a Amazing Child if God!! I’m so Glad you’ve started this Blog!! Your Love for the Lord and your Family is so inspiring!! God Bless you and I’ll be Praying for you!!

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  2. Amy,
    This is just another why I love you so much. I have appreciated your spirit and example of coping through difficult times. You’re truly someone I have looked up to and have been inspired by. I look forward to reading more entries.
    You will be in our prayers.
    Much love to you!

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