Not Your Average Monday

It’s a BIG day at our house! One we’ve been thinking about since we bought this place 11 years ago and realized our shower in the master bath was very much like a coffin, but wetter. Well, if not like a coffin it was going to put us in one sooner rather than later. The door has fallen off twice and nearly took off Todd’s foot both times. It’s slicker than an ice rink despite no-slip treads and the step up into it has become nearly impossible for little ol’ MS me.

It’s almost like Christmas with visions dancing in our heads of a larger space made of glass and marble walls with a bench seat; a rain shower over head; a shower wand on the wall; a rail for me to hold on to; a built-in holder for soaps and shampoos; a textured, no-slip pan; and an almost zero-level entrance with a wee ramp to ride up on in my wheelchair, on my less than mobile days.

It’s just like Christmas in another way, too. In order to have the perfect, Norman Rockwell, jaw-dropping, memory making Christmas, someone has to invite, organize, clean, set-up, decorate, bake, cook, shop, wrap, host… themselves into a frenzied, anxiety-laden state before the festivities begin.

Well, that was us yesterday. Oh, man, we had to work hard! Every single thing from the master bathroom AND closet (which is part of the bathroom) had to come out. Several years ago we used to clean the house ourselves, but for the past seven or eight years we have had a housekeeper. But now that I’ve recently (as in a week ago) become a full-time, stay-at-home cat mom, we’ve reclaimed cleaning duties. We decided this was a good way to save a little cash now that I’m fully retired. I quickly realized two things as a result of this decision. 1) When you have other people clean your house you don’t really get a feel for how much stuff you have. My theory is it’s because you don’t have to touch things in order to dust or move them around to vacuum or mop. As a result, it makes it easier to accumulate stuff without clearing out old stuff. 2) It’s a lot of work to clean a house properly!

First, the closet. There we were, Todd trying to watch his toes and me being a menace on my scooter. Back and forth we went, each of us hauling load after load of clothes, shoes, bed linens, towels, travel accessories, and all the overflow soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, lotions, etc. to…… where?!? We ditched stuff in every closet and corner we could find. We’ll probably never find half of it when we’re done.

As we went, we decided to thin the herd. There were a lot of things that didn’t “spark joy”. To be exact, we ended up with four 30 gallon bags of clothes and two 30 gallon bags of household items to be donated, as well as two 30 gallon bags of trash, and two 30 gallon bags of recycling. Marie Kondo would have been proud.

Actually, the bags of stuff to be donated, trashed, and recycled included things from the bathroom, too. Most of the bathroom stuff went in the trash. Note to self, check your medicine drawer more often. For example, we apparently moved into this house in 2007 with a bottle of Benadryl that had expired in July of 2005.

The shower and adjoining wall took their last few breaths, as time stamped by the clock on the wall, at 8:00 this morning. By noon this is all that was left.

It’s going to be 2-3 weeks before the new shower is finished. I’ll post some updates as we go. Meanwhile, if you need us, just look for the couple covered in and smelling of sawdust and sheet rock.

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