Worth the Wait…

Being on hold for an extended time is a trial of patience, at least it is for me. Several things in life are currently on hold for us at present, but the biggest two revolve around fixer uppers. The largest of these continues to be our shower remodel. What was to have been “about a three week job” has, as of today, stretched into it’s fifth week. It’s not really anyone’s fault and I know this is typically how these things work out. However, living like we’re camping is no longer endearing and all the dust and muck makes our home feel less comfy. Word is that the project will be wrapped up before the end of next week. The guys are working on the trim today and putting in the shower fixtures. The last piece of the puzzle should be the glass for the door and window which had to be special ordered. Feel free to browse the latest round of shower pictures at the end of the post.

In addition to the shower, we are planning to get new carpet for the master bedroom. We picked it out this weekend and are excited about getting it. Of course, we don’t want it installed until all the shower mess is finished. When they come to install it they are also going to stretch the carpet in the master closet which has somehow developed a weird lump. So, we don’t want to move everything back into the closet until they come to do the carpet. Naturally, they won’t be able to get the carpet laid for another couple of weeks.

I think I’ll just be off to sing some camp songs and eat s’mores.

The slow progression continues:

2 thoughts on “Worth the Wait…

  1. We have a bench shower, but..(..insert dun dun dun music)…We have no restroom on the main floor in a split level house. This is our home until the kids move, then we are either going to have to do a major remodel to a tri-Level split home or move. I vote to move. Live the camp large Amy!!


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