MS Walk 2019 is in the Books

It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day to take a walk, a very special kind of walk. There was a huge community turn out for the MS Walk, full of friendships both old and new. Several friends from church got together and created a team, Amy’s Axons, in my honor without me even knowing about it! Owing to such a kind and loving act, the walk this year was extra meaningful to me.

Highlights included – the Central High School Kilties marching us out as the walk began, Hurts Donuts, Einstein Bagels, lunch catered by Los Cabos, a variety of vendors raising money for MS, and a live band, just to name a few.

It’s always encouraging to see others living with MS supported by friends and family on their teams. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of people who also have MS. Both of them, like me, stressed how much they relied on their friends and family support in order to live with this disease. This fact can never be emphasized enough, without the help and kindness of others I would be unable to live on my own.

Many advances have been made in recent years in the quest to understand and treat MS. A recent report revealed that the number of people living with MS in the USA was around a million, nearly twice what had originally been thought. Now, more than ever, we need to find a cure!

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