Recovering From A Family Visit

Hello again. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Hubby and I enjoyed hosting family the past couple of weeks. The last one went home early this past Saturday afternoon. I have been so tired since that, outside of going to see my Dad for Father’s Day and attending church Sunday morning, I’ve not left the house. I thought about writing yesterday but thoughts were slow to come. The blank screen just stared back at me no matter how long I stared at it.

My brain feels a bit less hazy today. I decided to try and lube the wheels with a few purposeful thoughts to scatter the entrenched cogfog.

The MS monster roared and paced around the perimeter the whole time we had company. Thankfully though, it waited to pounce and begin devouring me alive until the last couple of days of the visit. I’m actually fairly proud it took that long because it means I paced myself for a whole two weeks🥳.

Anyway, this short post proves I’m still alive and kicking. I hope to be able to write again someday soon, I’ve missed it.



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