Taking a Break

I haven’t felt like writing for several weeks now. Although I’ve had numerous ideas and thoughts, none of them have inspired me to pour time into putting them together.

I know I will return to Amy’s Axons with some combination of words and pictures in the near future. Thank you for following my blog and always encouraging me to share a bit of myself in this little corner of cyberspace.

God be with you in this new year.

❤️, Amy

2 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Since you don’t feel like it, then I’ll send you a summary of the what I got out of the greeting in the book of Titus…Titus 1:1-4
    Paul is chosen as a servant (the only time this word servant is used like this in the NT and refers to the servants in the OT). This means that it is a title of both humility and exalted due to Who we serve. Paul is shown a great measure of grace when chosen as an apostle. He is the only apostle chosen who met qualifications on different terms due to the timing. These different qualifications meaning that he was not present during Jesus’ life, death, or resurrection. But, Paul was on the Damascus road where he encountered Jesus and Ananias confirmed his apostleship. Christ literally plucked him out to preach God’s truth of salvation and sanctification. And, mostly he preached Hope in a God who never lies. The promise is that His word is true. The message is priceless/valuable, and we are called to protect the truth of the message. We have a common ground when we come to Jesus and we can be miraculously forgiven when we hear and believe His words. Without Christ..None of us have common ground. We are brought to the light of God’s truth and can wear a different set of lenses where we can throw off the trappings of this world and submit to Christ’s authority. That is both a message of grace and peace.
    All these nuggets from the first four verses. And, there are more in my notes. The first four verses Amy!! 😃 And, I have not even began to explore the words (a servant) enough.


    1. The Word of God is a gold mine, priceless, invaluable, and full. You will find something new every time you dig in and never come to an end of treasures. Thanks for sharing, Buff 😊❤️.


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