April Showers of Blessings

A carolina chickadee built a nest in one of our boxes for his lady love’s approval but, sadly for me, she chose another one of his offerings in the woods across the street.
Our skink is back! He’s been sunning himself a lot on the grill cover where he has been hanging out on warm, sunny days.
My sister got a cake for all of the April bdays in the family. Hubby wasn’t able to come down with us to celebrate his special day so we each ate an extra piece of cake in his honor 🥳.
I’ve always wanted to try bubble tea and now I can say I have. I don’t need to have that experience again 😝.
The chewy tapioca balls were… interesting. Fun fact: I bit my tongue off when I was in a car accident in 1987. Can you see any of the suture scars?

Thanks for following along to the end of this post. May you go with God!

Hercules Wants My Toothbrush

Hercules Wants My Toothbrush

I didn’t know MS recruited, but it seems that it recently acquired the mythical legend Hercules to it’s dark side.  I guess he took a shine to my electric toothbrush because it certainly feels like I am in an all-out, do or die wrestling match against some kind of superhuman force the entire two minutes it runs.  Oral hygiene shouldn’t require a 10 minute power nap to recover from, right?  It’s been so long since I’ve experienced “normal” energy that I can’t remember. 

Anywho… despite insipid fatigue, life has crept quite happily along.  Because I have the best hubby and sister in the world, they each drove ten hours both ways (!) so I could spend a week staying with my sister in Texas. We didn’t do anything or go anywhere because CV-19 is crazy in Austin at the moment, but we had fun anyway and I love spending time with them all.

I helped my nephew study for his permit.
I sewed a toy for their new puppy, K.C. Yep, they are die hard Chiefs fans 🏈
My bro-in-law shared his addiction to these cookies with me 😋.
Peanut butter and jelly
Not to be outdone, my sister opened my eyes to this tasty delight 😋.

(L-R) chocolate, raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake, red velvet, lemon.

Other than having to start a diet when I got home, everything else fell back into place like I had never left. I still have the sweetest hubby and cats one could ask for and the birds are as photogenic as ever. Oh, and a squirrel has found the feeders. He’s cute now but he probably won’t be if he decides to invite his friends.

Purple Finch
Look how long the nuthatch’s beak is! They are easy to identify because they do everything upside down.
Young female Finch
Eastern Bluebird
He is a cute little booger!

A few days have been nice enough I have been able to spend time outside, but heat and MS don’t mix so I’ve been indoors a lot more than I would like. I’ve had extra entrenched primary MS fatigue which has made it hard to do much. (Primary fatigue is thought to be due to nerve messages from your brain and spinal cord having to navigate the areas of damage caused by your MS. It takes more energy to send and deliver messages to other parts of the body, like the muscles in your arms and legs, causing a build-up of fatigue. – mstrust.org.uk). However, it feels good to be back home and I have books that need reading, shows that need watching, puzzles that need putting together, music that needs listening to, and apps that need playing.

Stay safe and God be with you!

Sister Trip on Mom’s Birthday

Sister Trip on Mom’s Birthday

This past Monday was my Mom’s birthday, it was the fourth year my sister Susan and I celebrated it without her.  It’s always a tender kind of day for both of us, one that’s full of sweet memories hemmed in by missing her.  

This year Susan flew from Texas and I flew from Missouri to spend Mom’s birthday together in Florida.  Mom always loved that we were close as sisters and she would have thought this was an excellent idea! It certainly was, ummm…, an interesting experience for me flying solo. I was drug backwards through two terminals, in and out of three elevators, and on and off the sky train to get to my connecting flight to Orlando via Dallas. 

img_20191102_101233_exported_466_1572707906458  img_20191102_104455

We stayed at my sweet mother-in-law’s vacay house near New Smyrna Beach.  We filled our days with lots of reminiscing, stories both old and new, lots of laughter, and, of course, exceptionally good food!


We got sand in our toes and sea breeze in our hair the first full day.  The tide was in and the waves were white-capped one and all. That afternoon we discovered the scenic, old downtown sidewalks and stairs into nearly every store were not meant for me (or anyone else with limited mobility) to peruse, so we went back to the house and lounged the afternoon away.  


Mom took us girls to Epcot over spring break in 1988.  How can it have been that long ago?!  Yikes, we’re getting old!! Susan has been back since then but I haven’t.  So, we decided to go on Monday, November 4th, Mom’s birthday. Mercy, we enjoyed ourselves and know Mom would have approved of all the sights, sounds, and tastes!  We lucked into being there during the International Food and Wine Festival. We ate our way around the world and let our inner gluttony rule until we had made a full circle of the park.

As good as the other days had been, I think our last full day was probably my favorite.  We found a beautiful, quiet, out of the way, public park with a pier jutting out into an ocean inlet.  We sat and soaked up the Florida sun, the sounds of the leaves rustling through the palmettos, and the peacefulness of our surroundings since no one else was there.  

As we turned around to walk back along the pier to our rental car, we noticed a common egret perched on the wooden rails. It looked straight at us and then serenely continued to preen and go about his business as if it knew we were harmless.  Susan and I quietly inched our way closer taking picture after picture until we were no more than three feet away.  Egrets are very common shore birds in Florida and someone else residing there might have hardly noticed his presence. However, we were mesmerized by him and thought he was anything but common, as his name implies.  His feathers billowed in the wind and his black legs and toes were a beautiful contrast against his white body. And his eyes, his eyes! I’m positive he not only saw us but appraised us as he stared our way. We three stood in our strange, small huddle for several minutes with him posing and us snapping picture after picture. He was the one who had called our meeting together by his mere presence so it was only polite that he should be the one to adjourn it.  With a deep bend of his knees and a long stretch of his wings he was in flight, soaring over the waters and away from us. Susan and I talked about him and what a fascinating creature he was, but we were just one side of the experience. I’m back home in Missouri now but find myself thinking of him. I wonder if he thought anything at the time of the two women held in his charms and if we left any sort of lasting impression on him that he remembers now.

Much like the memories of our Mom, his brief encounter with us will linger and live on inside us.