Hurry Up and Wait

As promised, here’s the low down on the New Shower So Amy Doesn’t Fall and Break Her Neck update. After three weeks of just sleeping on our mattress on the floor of our front room, we are not only ready to return to our bedroom but have also discovered we are not as young as we once were. Beds have frames and box springs for a reason. All these aches and pains are for the love of sleeping with two cats and for one very allergic nephew. We can’t allow our cats in the back rooms of the house because that is where our nephew sleeps when he comes to stay with us. Well yes, we are just that nutty over BOTH our cats and our nephew!

The end of last week saw the shower framed up with electric wires dangling here and there from the ceiling.

Dust absolutely everywhere!!!

The textured marble pan is in along with some of the inside and outside drywall. They also finished up all the electrical and plumbing bits and bobs Wednesday of this week. Both of the guys are “retired” contractors in their 70s who “like to stay busy.” They earned their pay Wednesday coming in and out hauling materials and going under the house countless times on that drizzly, wet day with near gale force winds. Bless them!

Nice and tidy.

They said they were coming back on Monday. There’s still more drywall to hang, mud, and sand; fixtures to put on; marble to install; and the glass door and window to hang. I don’t know if it will be ready by next Friday or not. Bets anyone?

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