The shower project is finally done! It took four additional weeks to finish beyond the originally estimated three, but it looks great and works even better. My favorite part is definitely the little corner seat, it’s made bathing much easier for me when I am tired. (See pictures below.)

Allegedly, the bedroom carpet install and stretching of the closet carpet is scheduled for this Thursday. Just two more major pushes to go and everything will be back to normal! I guess we will be moving everything from our bedroom to the living room Wednesday evening then turning around to move it all back in Thursday evening. Even so, the light at the end of the tunnel is gleaming brightly. It will feel good to be able to use our closet again, too. We will never again take the small, convenient creature comforts of home for granted.

The fixtures were in about a week and a half before the door and window glass were installed. It was a long wait!
The fixtures are an easy reach from the seat.
The door and window were the final pieces of the puzzle.
The window adds some extra light and some bonus space on the sill.
The inaugural shower was wonderful!

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