Date Set for Ocrevus and I Have Two New Friends

So, last time we met here I told you my Neurologist and I decided it was time to try a new Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) named Ocrevus. It turned out that making the decision to try the drug was easier than tying to get it going.

Somehow my insurance got my name mixed up with someone else’s. It took about a week to get it all sorted and prove I don’t have Hepatitis B and can walk more than 5 feet. I told my dad about the mix up and he said that the same thing happened to him years ago. He got a letter in the mail saying that his hysterectomy had been approved 😂🤣!

The next step was to schedule with the hospital the first two infusions, given two weeks apart. Over the course of trying to get my insurance information straightened out I had to speak with my neurologist’s medical assistant several times. She had warned me that the Outpatient Infusion Department at the hospital was “understaffed and didn’t have enough chairs” so to expect a bit of a wait. Wow, was she ever right. The nurse I spoke with apologized when she told me the earliest they could get me in was (at that time) a little over a month out, August 29th.

Five days ago I started a regimen to get my current DMT out of my body before beginning Ocrevus. I’m mixing two packets of finely ground prescription death into water and forcing myself to drink it every eight hours. I live in dread of 6:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. for another six days 🤢.

About two weeks ago I was introduced to two new friends. They’ve turned out to be very supportive and affable, as they are willing to go just about anywhere I want. It’s nice to have friends.

Hopefully, I will be able to post something soon after my first dose of Ocrevus.

Thanks for following along!

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