Christmassy Christmas Cheer To You and Your Kin!

Christmas tidings to you, my friend! Here’s a peek of Christmas at our house.

Welcome to our home!
Our tree is up!
Putting ornaments on the tree brings back so many memories, like this one. My Mom went to France in 1986 and brought me this sweet, hand painted cat with a lace collar and velvet body. She was always thinking of us girls ❤️.
I think Mom got this ornament for me from our local craft fair one year.
This is one of my favorites from Mom – whimsical and preposterous kitty vibes!
I remember Mom getting this little chap at the Tower of London gift shop on one of the many vacations she took us girls on.
Mom loved hippos and, in her later years, this was one of her favorite ornaments. I cherish her memory and hang it with love on my own tree now. I always miss her, but especially at Christmas.
Hubby and I went to London for our honeymoon. We’ve been back several times since but see fewer and fewer of these classic fixtures on the streets each time.
This came from one of the shoppes on the Royal Mile heading up to the Edinburg Castle. My Grandma Lois’ side were Dunwoodies, hale and hearty Scots they were!
I chose this sweet little robin from my stepmom Beverly’s collection of ornaments after she passed.
This friendly gingerbread man used to hang on Hubby’s family tree when he was growing up but now waves “Hello” from ours.
I got this for Hubby a few years back, he’s an avid cyclist 🚲. It’s cute, just like he is 😉!
I found a pattern for gnome placemats a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a go. I was going to make several as gifts but it was a LOT of work! What do you think, is it worth the effort to make more? 🤔
The 3-D tree was a sewing/quilting project from a couple years back when I was first learning to quilt on my machine and… you can tell I was a beginner. It almost caused me to lose my sanity so, despite it’s imperfections, I display it proudly as a tribute to my sheer determination and sewing grit 💪.🤭
So…I may have ordered some chocolates from Belgium as a “gift” to myself. 🤫
There are 27 delectable goodies packed into this box. My plan is to have one a day like an Advent Calendar, which means I can have THREE on the 24th 😋!
Of course, I can’t buy myself gifts without remembering to give something special to my feathered friends. They bring me incalculable year-round joy.

I wish YOU a wonderful, happy, healthy, festive Christmas season! Thanks for stopping by today. May God be with you! ❤️, Amy

6 thoughts on “Christmassy Christmas Cheer To You and Your Kin!

  1. I love this one!! My favorite of the year! Made me think of your sweet Mom. And oddly, mine too! We’ll always miss our Moms. Especially at Christmas. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Amy, this is your cousin, Charlotte. Just found your beautiful site. I love your positivity and eye for beauty. Your photos are fantastic!! Love and prayers

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    1. It’s so good to hear from you, Charlotte! Thank you for your kind words. I’ve thought a lot about you and have been praying for you this past year. Love you too ❤️


  3. Hi!
    Merry Christmas to you and Todd! I love your posts and creativity. I’m sorry I haven’t been to see you. I’ve let business take up too much time, and I’ve been a bit reluctant with so much illness around. I’ll try to do better in the new year.
    Enjoy the season!
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