August Is About to Adios

August has provided us several opportunities to enjoy time outdoors, as the pictures below document.  We had a few unseasonably cool days for this time of year that allowed me to get out of the house and explore a few outdoor spaces close to our house.  I ramped up my own self-isolation the past couple of weeks in anticipation of my next Ocrevus infusion.  Matter of fact, I am writing this in the hospital while the O-juice goes in.  The drug was supposed to start dripping at 8:00 but it got held up in the pharmacy until a little after 11:00 😖.  It takes about five hours to infuse then I have to wait an hour before I can leave, so it’s going to be a long day.  Even so, I’m thankful to be getting it at all since so many others with MS don’t have any options this late in the game (#30yearsofMS).

Hubby had a couple of weeks off between semesters so he tackled restoring the fence around our backyard.  The days he worked on it were boiling!

In no particular order, Pip and Laudy have become my favorite muses.  I am still enjoying my new hobby.
This bee probably thinks the center of the daisy is as big as the moon.
I think this is a strawberry clearwing.  I found all the following insects around the lake park in our neighborhood.
I can’t believe how good the pictures turn out in sports mode, very clear images in motion.
Buckeye butterflies are plentiful around the water and are a personal favorite.
I especially loved finding these amberwings ❤️.
Jimmeny Cricket!
Ugh, I stepped off the path to get a good shot of a flower and ended up being covered in these little burrs 😖.  It took 30 minutes to pick them all out of my hair and off my clothes.  How they got in my hair I have no idea!

The road back home from the river. 

I have had a lot of things floating around in my mind to write about, but I haven’t decided if I want to share them or not.  Writing is very pleasurable and cathartic for me and I want to guard it so it remains that way.

May God be with you. ❤️, Amy

2 thoughts on “August Is About to Adios

  1. You’re correct about waiting to share. Some things are meant for the journal alone. A seventh grade girl reminded me of being mindful of my words this week. My daughter’s good friend. She reminded me what the Bible says about words. I really appreciated that reminder from this young lady. I need the reminder to look to the wisdom of God’s word for my actions. The guidebook is there, and my foot can be kept from great heartache when I follow it. Sometimes words are absolutely needed. Other times…Silence.
    I really miss you a ton Amy. I love having Heather here, but I miss time with you Amy. Heather is a really super SLP, and I appreciate her great attitude, ability, and ORGANIZATION. She appreciates my flexibility and helpfulness. We’re a good pair.
    I love that you are seeing life from a different vantage point, but not with the air of bitterness so many might adopt in your situation. Your daily testimony is a huge encouragement to my heart.
    Love ya!
    Buffy Spencer Century Elementary, Speech-language Pathologist 417.724.3821

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    1. Your words were just what I needed this morning through the fog of IV steroids and the Ocrevus of yesterday. I truly miss you too and your Godly heart making a daily impact and encouragement to me.
      I hope to come by sometime this year if they ever open up and allow extraneous visitors.
      Love you!


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