It’s Blooming Spring!

Can you see the spider’s web?
White-throated Sparrow
I love how the colors came out in this photo of a Common Grackle.
American Goldfinch
19 of Hubby’s cycling friends stopped by halfway through one of their rides for a cookie and water break.
Our sweet blue “Laudy” Laudanum Cornish Rex 💙
Our sweet chocolate “Pip” Cornish Rex 🤎
It’s always a toss-up of who will be first in the sling to help me with my Bible study each morning. Pip won this day.
Behind the scenes when I’m birdwatching on the back patio.

Have a lovely day! God be with you. ❤️, Amy

2 thoughts on “It’s Blooming Spring!

  1. Your photographs are so beautiful Amy, I love the blossoms and the spider web ones best today. Such a contrast to the ‘behind the scenes’ pic 😁
    Hope you’re on the upswing of this episode and feeling better soon xx

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    1. Thanks Hayley! It’s a “meh” MS day. We took our cat to the vet yesterday during Zoom, I missed seeing you. I love your Friday Sews today, such lovely makes 😍 !


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